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Preparing Children For School

It is natural that starting school can cause mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety for children and families. Before beginning this new adventure, parents/guardians can prepare their child by:

  1. Visiting Sevenoaks during an open house, booking a tour, attending an orientation day, or other special event.

  2. Visiting the Kindergarten classroom and meeting Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Townsend.

  3. Talking positively about school and school-related activities.

  4. Reading and discussing books about school and making new friends.

  5. Walking or driving to school before the first day to practice the routine.

  6. Talking through any fears or concerns your child has about starting school.

  7. Establishing a consistent routine a few weeks before beginning school; early bedtime and regular meal times.

  8. Helping your child practise using their lunchbox and differentiating between their lunch and snacks.

  9. Allowing them to handle personal needs; going to the bathroom, wiping nose, practice putting on and taking off different articles of clothing and shoes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there any concerns or questions regarding your child’s adjustment to school.

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