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Sevenoaks Academy 

Every Child Matters

Limited enrollment spaces are available for 2022-2023! Come see what our school is all about and get your questions answered. Sign up for our FREE WEEK TRIAL and see the benefits that private education has to offer.

About Sevenoaks Academy

Our school follows the world-renowned and award-winning Ontario Curriculum as well as more traditional teaching methods in reading, writing, spelling and grammar.


Sevenoaks embraces a family atmosphere, where teamwork is paramount as we work together in school; and more importantly, in our local community. Our success is not only measured academically but socially too, as we build self-confidence and raise self-esteem. 

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Looking For A School Your Child Will Love?

We are a private school located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada featuring programs for students in grades Jr Kindergarten to Grade 8, small class sizes and excellent teachers. At Sevenoaks Academy we pride ourselves on the fact that ‘Every Child Matters’ and should be offered the opportunity to thrive and learn at their own pace.

Sevenoaks Academy offers a varied program that is broad, balanced, enriched and designed for each individual student. If you are looking for a top-notch private elementary school (JK – grade 8) in the central Simcoe County area, please give us a call today at (705) 722-0397 and start your FREE TRIAL. (5).png

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Customer Reviews

Great school.  Classes are small, teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed.  Our two grandsons are attending Sevenoaks Academy.  The academic program is great.   The teachers are bringing out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths, while creating an environment of kindness, mindfulness, and responsibility. Our grandsons are truly blossomed over the past three years academically and socially.

Sveta Friedman

This is an absolutely amazing school. I had the pleasure to do a placement there, I could see how teachers care about each one of their students. The communication between parents and school is easy. Teachers understand each one needs, if your kid struggles with something, they will help. If you kid has no struggles, they will boost their intelligence. There is no space for bullying, kids are required to be respectful. Small classes, family environment, great approach.

Fernanda Oliveira

Sevenoaks Academy has made the world of difference for our three children. Our eldest attended from grade 4 and graduated grade 8 last year. She grew in both her confidence & academics while building excellent study skills and is now doing fantastic in a local high school. Our two younger children are currently attending as well and thriving at Sevenoaks. The small class sizes, daily athletics, individualized instruction with teachers that believe in your child & close school/parent communication is a recipe for success.

Jenny Pizzale

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