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by Jeremy Gaston-Pieklo on Sevenoaks Academy

I love Sevenoaks great field placement and teachers are wonderful. feels like home away from home when you walk in.

by Erin Beaton on Sevenoaks Academy

Our son joined the Sevenoaks family only one short month ago; he is in grade 5 and had previously attended public schools. This past year we made the decision to make a move from Yellowknife, where we had been living for the past three years, in order to provide our son the opportunity to attend a private school. While in Yellowknife we were researching private schools in the Ontario area and that's when we found Sevenoaks! It may sound cliché but when I reviewed the Sevenoaks website, I immediately knew the school was a perfect fit for our amazing son. The phrases that immediately resonated to me were "Every child matters and should be offered the opportunity to thrive and learn at their own pace." and "Our success is not only measured academically but socially too, as we build self-confidence and raise self-esteem". It was like we could have written those statements as this was precisely the school environment we were searching to find --- this is exactly the environment our son needs in order to reach his true potential.

Every child has a story and life has not been easy for our son; however, over the past month we have already seen amazing improvement - he is happy, truly happy and his beautiful smile (that had previously been muted) and twinkle in his eye says it all. We are taking things day by day, but when he comes home and says he had an amazing day, there is nothing more rewarding to us as parents. We believe Sevenoaks will provide the foundation our son needs to grow, become confident, and to succeed. The owners and teachers at Sevenoaks have already demonstrated their commitment to our family and to the statements expressed on their website. We are thankful to be part of the Sevenoaks family and are excited for the journey ahead!!

Thank you Sevenoaks!

by Tim & Michelle Barker on Sevenoaks Academy

When our son Aidan joined Sevenoaks Academy last May 2016 he was struggling.Aidan is a December child and started life out with limited hearing which caused him delay’s in learning.In addition to his learning challenges Aidan up until that point was attending a French Catholic School so his school day was completely taught in French which wasn’t Aidan’s primary language.

The tipping point came when our son came to us explaining his frustrations academically. As active parents we could see his struggles and the effects it had on his confidence and social experiences. It was at this point we decided to investigate alternatives for education in the Barrie area.

We found Sevenoaks Academy and after Aidan spent a trial week at the school in early May of 2016 we knew it was the right place for him.In fact, after his week trial period was up Aidan started immediately with Sevenoaks and it wasn’t much longer that we saw tremendous changes start to occur.

Academically Aidan has blossomed at Sevenoaks Academy.The dedication of the teaching staff to work with Aidan and empower him to not only reach but exceed his educational goals has left him not only with successful academic performance (Aidan is now carrying an A average) but allow him the confidence to grow as a person and the courage to reach for his dreams.

The physical education program at Sevenoaks Academy has allowed Aidan to grow as an individual and given him the encouragement to not only participate in the sports he loves (hockey and skiing) but taught him the value of commitment and the joy of achieving goals. In addition to the cross-country and track and field training program at Sevenoaks Aidan is an avid participant in their downhill ski program.

Outside of school Aidan has continued to grow as an individual.As parents, we see Aidan’s confidence and skills changing constantly with respect to his participation in such activities as swimming, skiing, hockey (Aidan is a goaltender with the BMHA).

We see our son participating and striving for success in all facets of his life from expanding his friendship circle to his responsibilities at home.

Sevenoaks Academy is not just changing his academics, they are changing his life!

by Kristy Robinson on Sevenoaks Academy

I've seen a shift in Carter's ability to set and work toward achieving goals in the last year since starting at Sevenoaks. He is rising to meet the high level expectations set at school. He is clearly recognizing that he is accountable to his own success. These qualities are spilling over into other areas of his life - like skiing, music where he has started the Royal Conservatory exams for classical guitar, and running, with plans for a half marathon in the next year! Thanks for leading him down this path.

by Sandra Elliott on Sevenoaks Academy

My daughter started out in a private Montessori school...then she went to public school. Public school is great if your child learns the way all the other students do. The teacher addresses the main or majority way.  But...what if your child doesn't learn the way all the other kids are learning?

That's when we found Sevenoaks Academy! The staff and owners are very committed to EVERY child.Being in the public school system we learned communication between parents and teachers was almost non existent. Yet, as parents, we are expected to drop our children off at the door and hope they do well.

At Sevenoaks......: my daughter was allowed to learn what it meant to be a student! She was included, she was understood, she was seen for the incredible and amazing little human being that she is!

This school has improved my daughter's confidence and ability! What more could a parent want?!There is no greater feeling than dropping your child off at school and knowing they are ok! As a parent, walking away from your child can be daunting, especially if you have concerns.......

With Sevenoaks, the teacher is always connected with the parent.Recently, my daughter joined the ski team. Sevenoaks fought hard to have extra help for her if needed! Because of their efforts, my daughter is able to participate with her classmates!

There are not enough words or ways to say them that would properly portray this school.......as a parent....when you see your child grow and grow in positive ways.....it is amazing and astounding!

Thank you Sevenoaks Academy! Sending my daughter to your school is probably the best thing I have ever done for her. Parents always think about investing in their child's future college or university........ Sevenoaks allows us to build the foundation so she will be able to go to college or university!

by Tamara Benoit on Sevenoaks Academy

Best decision ever. An investment into the future of your child. Give them the advantage of having teachers who actually have the time to care and build strength and self confidence not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom, where life happens.

A BIG thank you to all of the wonderful staff at Sevenoaks who go above and beyond.

Absolutely highly recommend Sevenoaks if you are considering an alternative to jammed classrooms where your child may get lost in the shuffle

by Joy Collins on Sevenoaks Academy

This is our second year at Sevenoaks and we are thrilled to be part of such a wonderful school. Classes are small all teachers and students know each other which creates a safe, accepting warm atmosphere for learning.

As a family we knew we wanted to send our children to a school with small class sizes that would let them grow, stretch,express themselves. Most important they would be excited to learn and attend school. There is not a day where there is a struggle to get the kids to school they love it actually they are disappointed when it is not a school day.

Thank you to Sevenoaks the school, the teachers are making a great difference in the lives of children and their families.

by StipaVes Gajcevic on Sevenoaks Academy

A wonderful learning environment with dedicated teachers for our 2 boys! 

by Jennifer St. John on Sevenoaks Academy

When looking for a school for our son, we wanted an alternative learning style in a low ratio classroom setting where the sky was the limit on how far he could go academically. We found exactly that at Sevenoaks. The big cherry on top for us was that he blossomed socially as well. In the past, he would always be pulled from our arms crying at his preschool and other school, but within a week here, he was leaping out of the car and running to the school’s front door. We cannot sing their praises enough and are so grateful that we found this amazing school.

by Eva Stone on Sevenoaks Academy

Amazing school! The teachers here go above and beyond for their students! We are super happy with the results we have seen in our son in such a short period of time. We can not express our gratitude enough. Thank you to all the teachers at Sevenoaks. 

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