Visual Arts at Sevenoaks Academy

At Sevenoaks Academy, students are given the opportunity to explore many different mediums such as painting, printing, pottery, sculpture and drawing. Students learn about the elements and the principles of design through working with a range of materials, processes, techniques, and styles. Each spring at Sevenoaks Academy, we celebrate students’ artwork at the annual arts night where students have the opportunity to showcase the best of their portfolios.


Art Club

This is a new and growing club at Sevenoaks Academy! Art club is for all budding artists who are interested in doing collaborative and creative artworks such as school murals and set designs.


Visual Arts expectations for the year are that students:

* understand the value in, and appreciate many different art forms

* develop their critical analysis skills and art vocabulary

* develop an understanding of the creative process

*  find the value in exploring their own creativity and challenge themselves

Please refer to following link to view the Ontario Curriculum:
Ontario Curriculum Arts


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