Michelle Tyndall

Music & Visual Arts Teacher

My name is Michelle Tyndall. I am the music and visual art teacher at Sevenoaks Academy. This is my second year teaching at this fantastic school.

I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Music and Bachelor of Education from York University as well as additional qualifications in primary junior vocal and special education. I also have obtained my grade nine piano from The Royal Conservatory of Music.

My goal as a music teacher is to instil the value of music and the arts into my students in hopes that they will carry that appreciation on into their adult lives. Carl Orff, an innovator in music education said ” Tell me, I forget, show me, I remember; involve me, I understand.” I ensure that the music program at Sevenoaks Academy has an experience based approach to learning while following the Ontario curriculum. Students are learning to play recorder, xylophone, and exploring music through singing and movement, all with a focus on music literacy.

I believe music and the arts are powerful tools in helping to reach every student, and Sevenoaks Academy is an excellent school for arts education.

Please feel free to contact me at michelle_tyndall@sevenoaksacademy.ca.