Kendra Byl

Primary Teacher

Hi, my name is Kendra Byl. I am the Primary Teacher at Sevenoaks and am honoured to be part of the team! I recently graduated from Nipissing University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child & Family Studies, as well as a Bachelor of Education specializing in Primary and Junior Divisions. Prior to my university degrees, I received my Early Childhood Education Diploma in 2012.

I believe we are lifelong learners, so I have also earned additional qualifications in the Intermediate Division and Special Education.

I have had many opportunities over the years to work with children in many different facets that range from leading elementary-aged students in a secondary after-school program to tutoring in the classroom. I had the opportunity to have my practicum at Sevenoaks last January, where I was able to get to know the staff and students very well. I felt that I was part of the Sevenoaks community from the very first week at the school.

I am passionate about student success by creating a classroom environment where students will feel safe, respected, and excited about their learning.

I feel thrilled to have this opportunity to work with you and your child(ren), and I am looking forward to seeing what this year holds!

Feel free to contact me at